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On September 25, 2014
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At Forth we have always been committed to making a positive difference in the community we live in. Each year we support an organisation which is close to our hearts. At Forth we take a great pride in our fundraising activities and determination.We are delighted to announce that we have managed to raise funds for both ''Friends of Chernobyl's Children'' and Northern Ireland Hospice. Read More »
Workplace pensions auto enrolment (AE) is here, and an increasing number of employers will level expectations at their advisers. Faced with finite resources and pressured by imminent staging dates, most advisers are not offering full or managed AE administration services. But with 97% of UK businesses to engage in the next few years, are they missing a huge opportunity? Read More »
Hotels have struggled to encourage direct bookings in the face of powerful OTA marketing. But Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow hotels to realise the value of their customer data - maximising marketing efficiency and creating effective personalised campaigns leading to more profitable customer relationships. Hotels hold a trump card in the battle for customer loyalty – yet many of them never play it.Customer data is priceless, and hotels can gather huge amounts of it during guest stays in a way that Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and last minute booking sites cannot.Unfortunately many hotels fail to collect or store information effectively, leaving it wasted and inaccessible in out-dated Property Management Systems (PMS). Read More »