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Did you know that in the UK we spent more on Greetings Cards than tea and coffee last year? That's £1.5 billion on cards. (GCA, 2014) Your decision to send Christmas Cards to your customers or clients this year could be the difference between starting 2015 with new opportunities and orders or starting the year quietly. Read More »
Hotel CRM allows you to increase revenue from your hotel and hospitality guests by building direct and profitable customer relationships. By segmenting and profiling guests, you can keep marketing personal and relevant, ensuring the offers and services you provide reach the people who find them interesting. Here's a map of the route to successful CRM implementation.... Read More »
Businesses are rushing to meet the requirement of workplace pensions auto enrolment. Financial advisers therefore stand to benefit from ongoing new revenue streams, but many lack the resource to offer full or managed auto enrolment services. OptEnrol is an affordable online solution that assesses employee status, calculates contributions and communicates with employees to simplify and streamline.... Read More »