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On April 7, 2015
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If you are an accountancy firm or a providing financial advice to one you will already be working on your workplace pensions solutions.As the size of businesses coming into scope for auto enrolment (AE) reduces and the numbers affected rise exponentially, so the point of provision of the administration of workplace pensions has been shifting. Smaller employers, used to outsourcing their payroll function to their accountants, are expecting that service to extend to administering their workplace pension assessments and deductions. With all UK employers eventually needing to comply, there is the potential for significant growth of payroll departments. Not only will existing payroll clients expect a solution to take care of their AE obligations, but many other accountancy and audit clients will see this as their final trigger to outsourcing their payroll for the first time. Read More »
On February 23, 2015
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Employers are turning to their financial advisers, including accountants and payroll bureaux to help them meet their workplace pensions obligations. This document is intended to help employers with planning their Auto Enrolment process and gathering the relevant information. Read More »